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While working as an interior designer for 30 plus years, I was asked on a regular basis to decorate homes for the holidays. After spending countless hours searching for decorations that I felt were the style and quality that my clients deserved, I found myself frustrated with the ready-made choices available in stores. So in order to meet my own design standards, I began creating the decorations myself. I have always had a passion for holiday decor, and generally end up immersed in tinsel,glitter, wreaths, ribbon....all the beautiful and festive things that brighten our world for special occasions. All year long I am on the hunt for new ideas, as well as looking for ways of taking old ones and giving them a twist. Having been raised on a farm in the countryside, I very often look to nature as my design inspiration.

My experience has shown me time and again that when decorating a home or business for the holidays, setting a festive mood and building excitement works best when one begins at their front door. I keep this in mind as I work with clients, and I also let that idea drive my designs, therefore it seemed appropriate that my decor business should reflect that sentiment. Thus "AT MY FRONT DOOR' was born.

My staff (which consists of two Havanese puppies) and myself work hard to create unique, high-quality holiday decor that will bring your home or business to life for every festive occasion. Please join us "AT MY FRONT DOOR" and watch the excitement begin.

Love, Lexie


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